How To Grow Your Website Traffic

How To Grow Your Website Traffic with SEO

Here is the catch: it’s only normal that increasing website traffic is now harder than ever. Every day, more websites and blogs are posted, people spend more time on social media and YouTube than going to websites, and Google tends to crowd traffic on its own channels with its specific keywords and infrastructure. Website traffic is very important, on the other hand. If we currently have a stable or, hopefully, increasing website traffic to process, we will not convert visitors and prospective. Too often, we put too much focus on optimizing the conversion rate, but it should be the first priority to understand how we can get traffic and optimize it.


There is some SEO Ranking Factors 2021

1. Backlinks from relevant sources.

When one website links to another, a backlink is a link created. Backlinks are also calledĀ “inbound links” or “incoming links.” For SEO, backlinks are important.

2. Quantity of direct links.


It is possible to pick direct links when you share a resource from a website. They are the URL that directly connects to an image, video, or document from within the link code. Typically longer than sharing links, they are useful for apps that directly accept a URL.

3. Mobile-friendly


The measurement of how well a website is built and designed for loading on a mobile device like a mobile device is mobile-friendliness. Creating a different site designed for mobile devices and trying to direct mobile users to that site (normally located on a mobile domain name).

4. Page category.

categories group individual Web pages together. Categories, commonly used in blogging sites such as WordPress, provide order and structure to the content of a website, or its morphology.

5. Site Structure.


Successful web design is just about a great structure when you removeĀ colors, fonts, bold italic, graphics, images, and white space.



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