Cloud Computing

Manage your business through cloud computing.

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Cloud computing

Cloud-based is that term which refers to applications, services or resources made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider’s servers. Information and data are stored on physical or virtual servers, which are maintained and controlled by a cloud computing provider, such as Amazon and their AWS product. As a personal or business cloud computing user, you access your stored information on the ‘cloud’, via an Internet connection.
Cloud computing is a type of computing that relies on shared computing resources rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications. In its most simple description, cloud computing is taking services (“cloud services”) and moving them outside an organization’s firewall.

Server management

You can say that Server management is tasks and services that are done on a server in order to manage it. This usually entails Monitoring of the server and apps running on the server. Checking their status, uptime, and monitoring for any new or recurring issues. Server management is active infrastructure management that accelerates response time, value and quality of service.

Cloud migration

Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment. An enterprise can perform various types of cloud migrations. One common model is the transfer of data and applications from a local, on-premises data centre to the public cloud. Benefits of Cloud Migration are that it increases the potential of the business. Cloud computing environments allow remotely located employees to access applications and work via the Internet. You need to establish a disaster recovery system but setting it up for an entire data centre could double the cost.

Disaster recovery and backup

Backup and recovery are a process of backing up data in case of a loss and setting up systems that allow that data recovery due to data loss. Data backup is a form of disaster recovery and should be part of any disaster recovery plan. Backup means a copy of data that can be used in a database failure and recovery is the process of restoring a database to the correct state when a failure occurs. We need Data Backup to protect your business data. Data backup and data recovery both are the important factors to run a business properly. These data backup systems are versed by either by using an offsite server or using separate drives to store massive amounts of information.

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