QA Testing

Software testing enhances your product quality.

Shadow infosystem provides a comprehensive approach to QA and testing to help. By which you can intensify your product or service through accelerated testing methods it reduces errors and defects in your software that can affect your operations. In a high extremity competitive atmosphere, it is very important to bring about a product or service with assured quality. Testing helps to assess, validate and verify the features of the given software that keeps an eye on the input and output functionality. In many companies, the predictability, revenue generation and growth of the business are driven by the software testing process with incorporated quality assurance.

Quality assurance basically a systematic approach to examine a product design and observe it meets with the specific requirements of the client or not. Using independent leading testing and QA techniques to test the functionality, performance and security of the service or product can eliminate defects in the early stage of the development. Quality assurance and testing are designed to provide better functionality of a service or product to increase customer confidence and company predictability.

QA and testing services minimize the cost, allay risk, augment user experience levels by offering creative solutions to improve product life cycle.
Testing services include:

• Usability Testing

• Nonfunctional Testing

• Specialized Testing

• Mobile Application Testing

• Testing-as-a-Service

• Integration Testing

• Functional Testing

• System Testing

• Localization testing

• Creating a test script and data

• Acceptance testing

Shadow infosystem use high-quality management solutions in meeting the specified requirements of the customers by developing agile techniques that help to bring about an error-free functionality of a service. Shadow helps you to build new service or changing the existing one, we frame successful flawless features for your business with high-quality applications at a low cost that reduce rework and test cycles.

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